Meet Milk Paint

Milk paint is a real game changer. For your home, for your kids, for your paintstory masterpiece! This liquid gold is safe, beneficial to the environment, easy to use, and provides amazing results! We love it so much we became exclusive retailers for The Real Milk Paint Co. and carry all 56 colors. Not only can you use it on our vintage book page canvases, but in your home. Whether it be furniture, crafts, or interior walls - milk paint can do it all. 

And the benefits don’t stop there... our paint acts as a fire retardant, slowing the rate & spread of fire. This is due to one of the key ingredients: pharmaceutical grade lime. High calcium lime has unique properties that are cured through “carbonization.” This means the paint draws in carbon dioxide from the air as it dries, cleaning the air. That’s an air filter for your home! 

At paintstory, we’re all about doing what’s best for our community; milk paint helps us do just that! As the only retailer in the Flathead Valley, we provide & sell our milk paint at the best prices around. Not to mention how beautifully it glides on our signature vintage book page canvases.

One paintstory artist described it best when she said, “The color pops while remaining translucent in order to reveal those lovely pages underneath. Milk paint is the cherry on top of paintstory.”