Team Building Events

Unless you work at Dunder Mifflin, you probably don’t have a lot of team building opportunities at your office or place of work.  Enter paintstory. Instead of another dreaded office dinner or boring holiday party, book a paintstory event that is engaging, team building, and enjoyable!  You don’t have to be an artist, the process of painting is fun, relaxing, and invites conversation between colleagues. Give us a call to discuss the options of painting a large mural or individual paintings that collectively create an amazing scene.  There are a variety of team building art projects you can choose from to keep your company coming back to paintstory for more collaborative fun!

In addition to fun, our signature book page canvases can personalize your company’s experience for an even more meaningful work of art!   Is your company a law firm? We have 100+ year old law books filled with pages that will transform your canvas into the perfect backdrop. Are you with a church group or Christian organization?  Pages from the Bible or church hymnal set the perfect foundation for your team building canvas! Architecture firm? How about all those architectural drawings rolled up in the corner of your office… let us make the perfect canvas for your firm’s masterpiece!  Are you with a newspaper? You get the picture!! None of the above describes your business or organization? That’s ok, we know how to make the perfect canvas and event for YOUR TEAM!